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Benifits of association..

  • The Association would collectively voice concerns of the industry and members to the various Government bodies.
  • To organise educational trade trips to different parts of India and abroad.
  • To disseminate information on new technologies and facilitate transfer through joint ventures or collaborations.
  • Organise seminars and similar events to promote the products of members.
  • To facilitate training of personnel at various levels to ease the shortage of skilled manpower in the industry.

more advantages..

  • Promote yourself in potentially new markets both in India and abroad.
  • Participate in wood related events.
  • Increase knowledge through workshops.
  • Skillfully develop yourself and be upto mark in latest technologies.

Guidelines for annual Fee

    Points of note for fee and subscription
  • Debit note for membership annual subscription fee for the financial year to be issued to all members in the first week of April every year.
  • Members must pay the subscription within and not later than 3 months from date of debit note. 3 months.
  • Membership benefits / privileges will be stopped / discontinued for such members whose payment is not received by 31st July of the year for which it is due.
  • Members whose subscription payment continues to be outstanding beyond 31 October every official year will be automatically removed from Membership of the Association.